Buying furniture in Basel

Moving to a different country is an experience that isn’t comparable to anything else. No wonder that expats that move to Basel even experience new things when shopping for furniture. The language barrier that occurs in many stores makes it hard for expats to find the information that they need to know prior to the purchase of the furniture for their home. In many cases it is the best idea to bring somebody who can translate for you so that you can ask questions and understand the answers. That way you will be able to avoid negative surprises like long waiting times of up to two weeks when you opt for set up and delivery at your home. So, that you can have a great shopping experience with or without an interpreter nonetheless, here are some of the best furniture stores in the Basel area:

Trachtner Möbel

At this furniture store you will be able to find high quality furniture for the living and bedroom among others both in a gorgeous retro and contemporary style. As a special feature, this great furniture store offers a special section for clients over the age of 50.

Trachtner Möbel AG

Phone: 061 305 95 85

Spalenring 138
4055 Basel

[email protected]


Micasa Migros

This furniture store that is part of a nationwide chain has furniture for just about every liking and style. With many pieces in every price category, you don’t really need to plan ahead. Let the great variety of products from furniture to lighting and accessories guide you and help you find what you love.


Micasa Migros

Phone: 058 575 72 55

Münchensteinerstrasse 200, 4053 Basel

[email protected]



This high end furniture store is the ideal store for all of those who are looking to furnish there office or home alike. With big residential and business sections, this furniture store will provide you with the very best brands for your business or your home.


Phone: 061 366 33 33

Güterstrasse 210, 4018 Basel

[email protected]

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