Buying furniture in Hamburg

The summer in Hamburg is absolutely gorgeous. You’ll perhaps be more than pleasantly surprised if you had showed up in Hamburg during the winter and were able to watch the transition from deadly cold into nice and warm or, at times, scorching hot. Where furniture shopping is concerned, a car should be your number one choice to journey into a furniture filled space. Why? Well, furniture stores aren’t typically located in the city center but instead, rather single standing in an atmosphere of their own. Taking public transportation is an option, but with infrequent bus times and having to hop from train to bus, it can indeed become tiresome.


The process of selecting furniture should be a hassle free one. You want to have your mind open and your excitement up to point so that you really can enjoy the art of decorating your Hamburg home to achieve exceptional comfort. Another reason you’ll want to drive to the furniture stores is that if you do indeed find something you like, you will not have to leave it behind. Many furniture stores will rent a hanger which you can attach to your car and transport your goods, provided your vehicle isn’t big enough to accommodate your new purchase on its own.


Some furniture stores you need to check out in Hamburg include:


Möbel Haus Hamburg

Home to fashionably distressed furniture as well as a multitude of other styles.

Phone: 040 6697409


Address: Ahrensburgerstrasse 121

22045 Hamburg

Email: [email protected]




Höffner has just about everything you could ever want for each room in your new Hamburg home.


Address: Holsteiner Chaussee 130

22523 Hamburg


Octopus Versand

A lot of unique and culturally inspired designs. For example, their line of Arabic side tables.

Phone: 040 – 420 11 00


Address: Lehmweg 10 b

20251 Hamburg

Email: [email protected]

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