Shop Till you drop in Geneva

 If you make Geneva your next shopping spree destination, then be sure you are ready for an elegant experience where you will indulge in the finer things in life.  Known for its exorbitant prices and centuries old watch making industry, Geneva is often compared to Paris and London for it’s shopping.  

There are more than just watches to find in Geneva though, including;

Chocolate – Of course you will need to try some famous Swiss chocolate for a boost of energy on your Genevan shopping trip. There are tasty specialty shops scattered throughout the city that serve everything from decadent truffles to chocolate filled treats. 

Boutique Clothing – Rue du Rhône is a famous shopping mile where you can find the most exquisite boutique shops. This famous area is well known to receive celebrities and the world’s elite throughout the year.

Antiques – The Grand Rue in Old Town is the most famous street to find some of Switzerland’s most beautiful antiques. Some of the shops even have items from the medieval eras and the shops are scattered throughout the winding alleyways of this area of the city.

Retro Items – Plainpalais is the place to go if you are looking for second hand or retro pieces to add to your wardrobe. The area hosts a large flea market on Wednesday’s and even has a skate park and a mini amusement park for the kids. Rue des Paquis is another area where you can seek out more unique retro items such as; clothing books, Jewellery, rugs and other antiques.

Markets – Geneva has an abundance of outdoor markets (weather permitting). Generally, markets are a great option for people looking for a bargain or just a tasty treat. Negotiating prices is usually fine for non-edible items if you do it right.

Whatever type of shopping experience you are seeking, Geneva has it all. It truly is a shopper’s paradise.










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