When to Make the Move – The Best Time to Relocated to Austria

 A thing most expats face when moving abroad is when the best time to go is. This topic can cause unrest and even argument and the answer is highly subjective to the family or individual. However, there are some things that can be worth thinking over to ease your mind.

If you have decided to relocate to Austria and you have the flexibility to decide when to make the move, then you may want to consider these few things first.

Seasonal weather 

As with any alpine country, Austria’s residents are highly dependant on weather conditions. If you are moving in the summer season you may find the weather very welcoming and mild, however if you relocate in the winter months, be prepared for a frosty greeting.

No matter when you move, there is always a chance of bad weather, so don’t let it get you down if there is a freak snowstorm when you arrive.

Urban or Rural

If you are moving to one of the city centres of Austria, you may want to review the festivals and events that are held in that city. The holiday seasons also influence the number of visitors and population density of Austria’s urban areas. Travel times and delays may be significant if you arrive in the middle of a holiday or festival celebration, so keep these events in mind when you book your flights.

The rural areas can also fluctuate with season and holidays. The alpine regions of Austria have two distinct “peak” seasons – summer and winter. These are flooded with hikers and skiers respectively, so you may want to pick an offseason time to move. 

All of the above things considered, the best time to make the move to a new country is when you feel it is right. If you are ready for whatever lies ahead, you will be fine accepting what greets you when you get there! 

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