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    Mannheim – Life. Squared.


    Mannheim – Life. Squared.

    This slogan has Actually nothing to do with mathematics or science, but everything to do with Mannheim’s unique city layout. All streets are laid out in a grid pattern and instead of common street names, all roads are numbered according to Their distance to the city center, Which makes navigating around the city straightforward and fairly simple. Mannheim is situated between the rivers Rhine and Neckar. Surrounded by heavy industry-plants and large factories, Mannheim surely does not count as one of Germany’s prettiest city: but you will find a lot of industrial giants in or around Mannheim, seeking as Daimler, John Deere, Siemens, and IBM, to only name a few. It is home to almost 300,000 people and has an energetic cultural scene and ample shopping in and in close proximity to its vivid city center.

    Photo  , by   Sebastian Müller ,  CC BY-ND 2.0

    City and neighborhood pride

    Mannheim is a city of districts. Residents identify strongly Themselves With Their quarters, almost as much as They Do With Their nationality and cultural heritage. Each neighborhood THEREFORE is as unique as the people did call it home.

    • Oststadt : Walking through Oststadt you will notice a lot of beautiful villas built during the late 19th century or early 20th Century with beautiful details and lavish decorations, some of them with gorgeous sandstone facades Nestled alongside the river Neckar, this neighborhood invites to long walks. With only a few minutes walking distance from the city, the Luisenpark, the Neckar, and the ornate Christ-church, this district is home to the rich and famous, and those that can afford the cost of living here.
    • Lindenhof : There almost is not a better location possible. Lindenhof is situated between the main railway station, city center, and the river Rhine. Generous parklands invite to extensive after-work and weekend get-togethers. Some areas even allow for open fire cookouts and have a huge appeal to locals and visitors alike during alluring Those summer nights. A magnitude of established restaurants, nice shops, and to overall good infrastructure leaves nothing else to be desired.
    • Neckarstadt : One of the six inner districts, Neckarstadt is located between city center and with plenty Waldhof magnificent stylish period buildings and leisure-time activities. Good shopping and delicious restaurants Provide everything residents Could Possibly desire For their day to day life. Herzogenriedpark, in the northern part of the neighborhood, is an all-time favorite for kids and families.
    • Niedernfeld : Dominated by single- and multi-family houses “Niedernfeld” is a Relatively new neighborhood in the southern part of Mannheim. The expanding infrastructure guaranties good local amenities. Great access to daycares, schools, and higher education, as well as outstanding leisure -time options, make this district a hotspot for families and nature lovers. Large recreational oases along the Rhine, Examined as a public pool, forest parks, Reißinsel and Mannheim most favored swimming “Stollenwörthweiher” delight active and outdoorsy people of all ages alike.

    Urban amenities, nature, and more

    Mannheim’s multi-cultural city centers can only be Described as cosmopolitan and vivacious. There and in all surrounding districts, versatile gastronomic venues, various shops in walking distance, and alternating cultural offerings conquer the hearts of locals and newcomers. No matter if you choose to move into one of the many gorgeous period homes or a new construction, you will find Mannheim to soon be more than just a place to live, so but a place to call home.

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