Moving & relocation to Germany

Moving to Heidelberg

| Mai 14, 2014
Moving to Heidelberg   Heidelberg is beautiful, it’s romantic and not mention picturesque. If you’re planning on moving to Germany and Heidelberg is your destination, you won’t be disappointed. With a population of approximately 150 000, this wonderful city has lots of friends to be made. Outside of having fun and exploring the wonders of...
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Moving to Germany 1

| Mai 11, 2014
Moving to Germany   Let’s start by saying, great choice. For so many reasons, Germany is a brilliant place to relocate to, both for the short and long term. But like every other paradise, it too, has its highs and lows. Amazing architecture, deep rooted history, a vibrant culture, decadent food, all of these things...
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Possibilities for an American to move to Germany

| März 19, 2014
When considering a move to Germany there are many things that need to be taken into considerations. Americans often get overwhelmed with the lack of information as well as the conflicting information they find regarding this subject. Some even get discouraged when they’ve joined a forum only to hear that there is no way humanly...
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Relocating to Frankfurt / Germany

| März 4, 2014
Andrea Simon and Catherine Brozovsky of BS relocation services describe how professional relocation services can assist you with housing and other potential challenges associated with your move to Germany. Relocation assistance simplifies your relocation process in a fast, efficient and cost effective way. Frankfurt is Germany`s most cosmopolitan city, with foreigners making up more than...
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Home Electronics – Munich Stores

| Februar 8, 2014
When making the decision to buy new home electronics, many aspects come into play. The very first step is of course figuring out what is needed. May it be a new flat screen TV, a microwave or a computer, there are many stores in Munich that offer large varieties of home electronics to their customers....
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Relocating to Frankfurt, Germany2

| Februar 8, 2014
Moving to a new country is quite an endeavor to take on; however, it does not have to be as scary as it may seem at first. The move to Frankfurt, Germany for an expatriate can go quite smoothly if you do a little bit of research ahead of time. Here are some tips and...
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Relocation Companies for Local Moves in the Munich Area

| Februar 7, 2014
If you are living in the Munich area and are moving locally, there are a number of options and companies for you to choose from to help you with your move. Moving Companies Most moving companies in the Munich area only offer services in German. So, if your German is not very good, you may...
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Starting a New Life in Germany

| Februar 5, 2014
Change is difficult, but sometimes it is necessary. Sometimes things do not go well in life. You make a wrong choice or you fall into some bad luck, and you fall into a hole and it feels like you cannot get out. So, you have to move on, to move forward, and to make a...
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Rental Furniture in Germany – the Smart Alternative for Expats

| Januar 30, 2014
The popularity of rental furniture companies in Germany is rapidly increasing. With places like  Furniture Leasing Corporation  adequately supplying expats furniture and appliance needs, there’s even less of a reason to get tied up buying furniture that you’ll only need for a couple of months. Having access to furniture rental companies means that expatriates can...
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Looking for an Apartment in Germany – 3 Tips for Expats

| Januar 29, 2014
Not trying to make it sound such an impossible task, but for an expat, looking for an apartment in Germany is indeed comparable to the tasks of Hercules. It is definitely an ordeal you may not want to go through and for many, it is a horrible experience best left untold. But why is looking...
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