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It has long been established in the USA: Instead of buying new furniture for real estate, renting furniture is normal for many. Young and flexible living people in particular prefer to borrow furniture instead of keeping their own until it has long ceased to correspond to the current furniture design.

Furniture rental is trendy

Renting furniture is becoming more and more accepted, and a corresponding trend can also be seen in Germany. And rightly so, because borrowing furniture offers many advantages and opportunities, from which you benefit as an entrepreneur, landlord or real estate agent as well as freelancers and job starters. The most important advantages of the furniture range at a glance:

– Always borrow suitable furniture for every room size
– No high investment necessary to buy new furniture
– Rent high-quality furniture at a reasonable price
– Modern and contemporary design
– Cost and time savings when moving
– Flexible, can be canceled monthly
– Processing is stress-free and uncomplicated
– Fast delivery
– Sustainable, because borrowed furniture is used several times

Job starters and freelancers - borrow suitable furniture for every new apartment

Are you new to town because you had to move for the job? Or do you have to be flexible as a freelancer and work and live in different places? Fully equipping an apartment again and again is not only time-consuming, it also costs money. In addition, after moving, many pieces of furniture no longer fit into the new rooms and have to be replaced. Renting the furniture is a good alternative. Even if the contractual relationship may not be extended after the trial period, a quick change of residence is often necessary. If the furniture is not bought, but only borrowed from the furniture rental company, moving is not a problem for you at all. All furniture that you have borrowed will then simply be returned or rented for your next apartment. For commuters, students or business travelers as well as for freelancers and the self-employed, renting furniture is a good way to get the furniture that fits your apartment quickly and easily.


We supply both private and business customers. For example, our rental furniture is ideal for students or employees who want to live for a limited time. Companies can borrow our furniture for their offices and company apartments. We also equip furnished apartments, model apartments and large properties such as student and senior dormitories. ‍

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HR agencies and companies rely on furniture rental

The furniture line is also ideal for companies that offer their employees and managers fully furnished company apartments. Recruitment agencies also often take care of suitable accommodation when hiring. HR agencies and large companies are increasingly interested in equipping their furnished apartments with high-quality rental furniture, thanks to furniture rental, in order to do justice to the increasingly flexible staff and to be able to quickly provide an apartment for professionals from abroad. Renting furniture is also tax-deductible.

Borrow furniture - for hotels, apartments and other accommodations

Lower investment costs, always the latest high-quality furniture – these are also the advantages that operators of hotels, holiday apartments and other accommodations are enthusiastic about lending furniture. Especially in vacation rentals and hotels, the wear and tear of many guests is often significantly higher than in private apartments. Instead of buying and maintaining the entire facility every few years, it is cheaper and more convenient for more and more operators to invest in borrowed furniture thanks to furniture rental. The furniture range is also advantageous for guests who can spend the night in a comfortable and always well-equipped environment.

möbel ausleihen mit furniture leasing

Advantages of furniture rental for landlords

If you look at the current housing market, you will quickly find that landlords in particular are restricted by the rent brake. However, the rent brake does not apply to furnished apartments. So if you as a landlord would like to determine the rental price independently and without restrictions, furniture rental is ideal. Because the high investment for completely new furniture is not insignificant. Instead, simply rent the apartment with borrowed furniture, for example to freelancers and the self-employed who only want to work in the city for a certain time and want to remain flexible.

Borrow furniture - advantages for real estate agents

For the same reason, real estate brokers who support landlords in arranging their apartments also benefit from this offer. By lending furniture, brokers can also fulfill the wishes of customers who are looking for a furnished apartment. If you, as a broker, have particularly difficult real estate in your portfolio, these can be upgraded with the right furniture and then usually better rented or sold. This upgrade is also known as home staging and has long been used as a sales promotion measure in other countries. The property becomes more attractive through furnishing and decoration, often a higher sales price can be realized.

Why borrow furniture from Furniture Leasing?

Have you convinced yourself of the advantages and would you like to borrow furniture for your apartment instead of buying it expensive? Furniture Leasing offers you numerous modern and high-quality pieces of furniture in a wide variety of designs. Simply select the desired number of pieces of furniture and order them here from Furniture Leasing for a period of one month to a maximum of 48 months. The rental furniture will arrive at your place in less than five days and be placed in the right place on site. Whether just a single sofa or the entire room – you can have Furniture Leasing equip you as required or just add a single piece of furniture to the existing ones. Depending on the size of the apartment and the number of pieces of furniture, you can choose from various conditions for renting furniture. The costs for delivery, assembly, guarantee and insurance are already included in the rental price of the furniture range.

Enjoy maximum flexibility when borrowing furniture with Furniture Leasing

The good thing is, you don’t have to commit to long-term commitments when borrowing furniture. The rental contracts can be canceled at any time at the end of the month, for example if you want to move house or like to furnish yourself with new furniture. The borrowed furniture from the furniture rental will then simply be picked up from you again. You do not have to worry about anything else. If you want to move quickly, renting furniture is much easier and cheaper than organizing a move with your own furniture.

A new tree for every piece of furniture

Incidentally, with Furniture Leasing, a new tree is planted for the rainforest for every delivery when furniture is borrowed. Either in North America, Latin America, Africa or Asia. So you are also doing something good for nature if you borrow furniture here.

baum pflanzen mit furniture leasing

Conclusion about borrow furniture

Whether landlords, brokers, companies with staff apartments or owners of hotels and holiday apartments – the furniture range is suitable for everyone who wants to furnish apartments inexpensively, flexibly and with high quality, without having to make large investments. Renting furniture from Funiture Leasing is a good alternative to buying expensive furniture. Especially if owning your own furniture is less important and you would rather like to stay as flexible as possible in choosing your place of residence and in designing your home.