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Save money

The housing shortage in metropolitan areas creates many vacancies. Many companies buy or build their own employee apartments. Also the ideal solution for freelancers, commuters and job beginners. Set up flexibly and inexpensively with leased furniture – high quality and with flexible notice periods.

Employee apartments - numerous advantages not only for companies

Apartments are becoming increasingly scarce – more and more people can no longer find them near their workplaces. Large companies such as VW build their own apartments in Wolfsburg. And other companies are also increasingly following this trend in order to attract more skilled workers in the future. For flexible employees, job beginners and freelancers, the employee apartment is a good alternative to the classic rental apartment.

Employee apartment as an attractive plus for contract signing

Qualified employees often have a good selection of jobs in Germany. Companies with a shortage of skilled workers have to come up with a lot to win over these workers. Company cars, company kindergartens and hiring bonuses are no longer enough, and employee housing is also increasingly in demand, especially in cities with a shortage of housing.

Less well paid jobs are also increasingly vacant, as nobody can afford the rising rents nearby. There is a shortage of personnel in the medical and therapeutic area as well as in the craft sector. There are plenty of jobs, but no apartments that employees can move into. Anyone who owns an employee apartment here has a clear advantage over other employers when looking for skilled workers.

Is a employee apartment suitable for me?

We supply both private and business customers. For example, our rental furniture is ideal for students or employees who want to live for a limited time.

Companies can borrow our furniture for their offices and company apartments.

We also equip employee apartments, model apartments and large properties such as student and senior dormitories.

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Build new employee flats

Especially in large cities like Munich, Berlin or Hamburg, good apartments near the workplace have become rare. It is often worthwhile for companies to buy their own apartments or to have them built, so that they can then leave them to their staff as staff apartments. Whether furnished or unfurnished, an employee apartment was popular in the past and is increasingly being offered again today.

Recruitment agencies have also recognized this and are happy to offer new specialists the right apartment when hiring. Instead of organizing expensive moves, the employee apartment is often already fully furnished and only needs to be occupied. And instead of buying expensive furniture, more and more companies are choosing to rent furniture. Also to reduce investment costs and the replacement of defective furniture.

Advantages of furnished living for companies and HR agencies

– Become more attractive for managers and top specialists
– Attract employees and keep them long-term
– Furnished living and repairs are tax deductible

Advantages of the employee apartment for job starters and freelancers

Anyone who moves to a new city for the job has to organize a lot. It is all the easier for you if you move into an already furnished employee apartment and concentrate entirely on your new job. If you have the free choice between different workplaces, but only one company offers a ready-made employee apartment nearby, the choice is certainly not difficult for you. Save the time for a tedious search for an apartment and move into an employee apartment with stylish furniture in a very uncomplicated manner.

Instead of commuting long distances to work, employees benefit from an employee apartment. This can either be used only during the working week or completely as a center of life. Short distances to work thanks to furnished living in the employee apartment brings much more leisure and quality of life that would otherwise be lost every day if you commute for hours.

Or maybe you have just started a new job and do not want to set up your own apartment because of the trial period? An employee apartment that companies already provide as furnished living is the ideal interim solution, but can also be used permanently. The furniture is new, there are no costs for moving and the rent is often more than fair. Especially since the employee apartment can usually be found very close to the work location.

– Furnished living – Advantages of employee housing for employees and freelancers
– Relocate without stress
– Saves time and money when looking for an apartment
– Concentration on the new job
– Apartment near the workplace
– Renting is often cheaper compared to renting in the metropolitan area

Furnished living with furniture leasing

Furnish your staff apartment yourself with furniture or furniture rental from Furniture Leasing. Renting furniture has the advantage that it is always new and of high quality. In addition, you have the choice of different design variants, so there will certainly be something suitable for your personal taste. If the furniture is broken, it will be repaired immediately or replaced with new one.

furnished flats

Equip the whole apartment with Furniture Leasing

With Furniture Leasing you can equip the whole apartment or just individual rooms if you have already bought your own furniture. Individual pieces can also be rented individually if, for example, you still lack a suitable sofa or bed for your employee apartment.

Uncomplicated processing when renting furniture

Renting furniture for the employee apartment is quick and easy by simply ordering the furniture you want from Furniture Leasing. After just a few days, the furniture will be delivered to your home and placed on the spot. Combine the pieces as you imagine and simply return the furniture when you no longer need it or when you would like to choose a different design. At the end of the contract, you are very flexible with only four weeks’ notice.

If you would like to move to a new apartment, you can simply send the furniture back to Furniture Leasing. The employee apartment is cleared within a short time and you no longer have to worry about moving.


Employee apartments are not only an advantage for flexible employees. Companies will also benefit if they can attract more top qualified specialists. A lengthy search for an apartment and the purchase of new furniture are unnecessary if a furnished employee apartment is provided near the work place. Companies bind employees to the company in the long term and also have an advantage when looking for new specialists. Furnishing with rental furniture is quick and easy, necessary repairs and leasing fees can even be deducted from tax.