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Daniel Ishikawa is the managing director of FLC Furniture GmbH Co. KG, a leading provider of furniture leasing solutions based in Frankfurt am Main.

Flexible living – trendy rental furniture and serviced apartments

I’ve moved a lot in my life. Very often. From the tenth time only with professional help – to protect your back and nerves. I was always faced with the question of what was more economical, ecological and simply more practical: carting old furniture across Europe or getting everything new at the next place of residence. And now there is a simple answer: furniture leasing.

Flexibel Leben mit Furniture Leasing

Flexible living - Lease instead of buy

Moving furniture or procuring furniture at a new location – both variants have their advantages and disadvantages. I wish I had the option to simply borrow furniture temporarily because rental furniture combines the advantages of both options.

This is especially true if it is only a short work stay that is too long for AirBNB and too short for furnished living. Especially since furnished living in Germany is still relatively rare.

We supply rental furniture for every need and every business. Would you like to rent furniture for your newly occupied office? Set up a student residence or boarding house? Or simply set up your beautiful new business apartment or micro apartment so that it feels like home from day one? Our rental furniture fully meets these requirements. By the way, when we say “rental furniture”, we mean a lot more than the furniture itself: because thanks to our all-round carefree service, you really don’t have to worry about anything – from the saucepan set to cutlery, bed linen, washing machine and towels to You will find everything in our range of shower curtains.

This all-round service makes renting furniture even more enjoyable. Because not only that you can save yourself the nerve-racking search, selection, transport and possibly assembly; you don’t even have to go to the next furniture store to equip yourself with kitchen utensils, get comfortable bed linen or choose a carpet that matches your new rental furniture. In our huge range of rental furniture, you can choose from a variety of stylish decorations and also have very handy everyday items delivered, from noodle strainers to soap dishes. When we say that rental furniture should make you completely carefree, then we mean it that way, down to the last detail.


We supply both private and business customers. For example, our rental furniture is ideal for students or employees who want to live for a limited time.

Companies can borrow our furniture for their offices and company apartments.

We also equip furnished apartments, employee apartments and large properties such as student and senior dormitories.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Leasing for investors - 10 good reasons

In the meantime there is this possibility. Whether for private individuals or business people, real estate agents, investors or property managers – rental furniture is not only trendy, it is an answer to the needs of our modern society.

We summarize the 10 advantages of rental furniture for you. But before we can do that, it is important to understand how strong rental furniture is an expression of the zeitgeist in order to fully explore its value for investors, real estate agents and operators.

For those in a hurry, the key points in advance:

1. Careful balance
2. Tax benefits
3. Object attractiveness
4. Extended customer base
5. Consistent quality
6. Flexibility
7. Professional maintenance
8. All-in service
9. Sustainability
10. Forward-looking concepts

Social change and furnished living

The way we think about living and working has changed a lot over the past two decades. Everyone knows the two major paradigm shifts: globalization and digitization. However, other factors such as increasing life expectancy, climate change or shared economies have also contributed to far-reaching changes.

möbliertes Wohnen mit Furniture Leasing

Not everything was better in the past

Rental furniture is a modern phenomenon. For a long time, so-called expatriates – people who live abroad for a limited time – were the social exception. For private or professional reasons, it was mostly individual private individuals. Moving company employees at short notice was an exception. Today it looks different. Freelancers allow themselves the freedom to work anywhere. Employees travel around the world and work in different locations. Flexibility is the greatest good these days.

So far, the right offer was missing

I personally know the problem from personal experience. At the time of my numerous private and professional moves, there simply weren’t any companies like FLC – Furniture Leasing Corporation. The maximum rental furniture concept was available for model houses or object staging – but not for private customers.

You had the choice: either to live furnished for sublease or sublease, or to set up your own household for long-term stays. Apart from the organizational or bureaucratic efforts, especially for international expats, it was often not worth buying furniture (let alone kitchens).

In Germany in particular, furnished living outside of serviced apartments is still rare, and providers such as AirBNB are not designed for temporary living. A long weekend in Frankfurt, that’s perfect – but for a three-month stay? Rather unsuitable.

Private customers

Whether nationally or internationally, those who only live temporarily or privately in a foreign place for business or will not be able to deal with their living situation for long. Nevertheless, a comfortable and cozy apartment should not be missing. I wish there had been this alternative to buying furniture earlier. It would have saved my nerves and sometimes my finances, and definitely saved time!

For private individuals, rental furniture offers a quick, simple and uncomplicated alternative to buying. You don’t have to worry about anything, you can do everything comfortably from your PC. Everything is delivered, assembled and picked up later. The effort is absolutely limited.

In addition to this all-round service, you have a large selection of rental furniture, lamps, household items and even kitchen elements. And let’s not forget: rental furniture opens up a larger market – I can now also consider unfurnished rental properties and am not dependent on furnished living. This in turn offers enormous scope and can ultimately have a positive impact on finances.

Buying is expensive, time consuming, wasteful

Traditional variants were economically and ecologically resource-intensive, because furnished living was rare and mostly offered by private individuals. That has changed drastically. Professional flexibility has long been a must. The demand for employee apartments has increased enormously. Serviced apartments are trendy.

But be careful: anyone who thinks that temporary living is only for companies or is a mayfly is not only wrong, but also forgives valuable entrepreneurial potential. Because, in fact, furnished living is extremely interesting for many target groups – also financially.

Zeitgeist, not a short-lived trend

Whether in Berlin for the summer or for three months in London for professional reasons, globalization and digitalization have made international mobility a mass phenomenon. This is not a fad, but the zeitgeist. Especially for millennials, the need for simple, flexible solutions for temporary living or co-working spaces has increased immensely, and this will become even more evident with Generation Z. Freelancers, commuters and many other target groups want a simple solution that is as cheap and comfortable as possible.

As a result, the need for leasing furniture is also increasing. To put it bluntly: You will live in micro-apartments with rental furniture “on demand”, as studies have now confirmed. Because a house for life or a moving van full of furniture does not match a life that is characterized by a constant “on-the-move” condition.

Younger generations in particular are concerned with experiences, not things. Especially not to throw them away. And let’s not forget this ecological aspect: they are concerned with sustainability and environmentally friendly living, and that’s what leasing furniture offers.

In short: if you count on these new generations, you have to count on their demands. Investing in temporary living and working with flexible furnishing concepts can only win. As a real estate agent, you have to keep up with the times and adapt the offer to this special target group, for whom furniture leasing becomes everyday life.

flexibel leben

Temporary living = flexible living

Rental furniture and serviced apartments are now inextricably linked to concepts of temporary living, also called flexible living. Both offer answers to an increasingly mobile culture.

But spatial mobility is only the tip of the iceberg. The social relevance and entrepreneurial potential of rental furniture are far from being exhausted. Before I talk about the advantages for investors, I would first like to emphasize the attractiveness of rental furniture in general.

All-rounder rental furniture

No matter what industry-relevant buzzword – “furniture on demand”, “mix and match” or shared spaces, whether business apartments, student or senior dormitories: rental furniture is an all-rounder in the field of flexible living.

Furniture on demand offers flexibility for every target group and at the same time stands for individual adaptability. They satisfy high quality and aesthetic demands and offer immense business advantages.

Economically clever

The question of whether you should buy or rent furniture for a temporary stay can be answered quickly: rental furniture is simple, uncomplicated and the opposite of ballast. They are also environmentally friendly and conserve resources. But is it worthwhile for an investor to have a property fully equipped with rental furniture, lamps and electrical appliances? The short answer is: Definitely!

And this brings me to the essential advantages of rental furniture for operators, investors, real estate agents or property managers.

As a serviced apartment operator, real estate agent or investor, I have to ask myself: Why don’t I just rent furniture for my Berlin property with business apartments?

Here are the entrepreneurial advantages that rental furniture and complete solutions from FLC offer:

All-in service

Whether student dormitory, business apartments or co-working space: the service from FLC includes everything: the team from Daniel Ishikawa designs a furnishing concept, delivers, assembles, assembles and maintains your rental furniture and electrical appliances. From the complete planning and concept through to collection, everything is in the expert hands of FLC.

Conserves resources

That alone saves time, but also equity. Buying furniture means that equity is tied up and lost if the furniture breaks. In addition, the sometimes high investment can only be written off very slowly.

Tax attractive

Rental furniture, on the other hand, is charged as a monthly, constant invoice. This not only protects the balance sheet, it can also be written off directly. Purchased furniture, on the other hand, has to be written off over years, which can mean not only effort, but also financial loss.

Expert acceptance

The provider takes care of maintenance, acceptance and, if necessary, replacement during the entire term. Why is that relevant? DGUV regulations must be observed for electrical items. The FLC service includes professional maintenance and acceptance.

Flexible exchange

If the rental furniture is broken or no longer meets the requirements or needs, this is not a problem. They are simply exchanged so that a constant quality is guaranteed.

Find out more at furniture-leasing.net

Flexibel leben mit Mietmöbel

Leasing furniture and serviced apartments

Rental furniture and serviced apartments are conceptually and entrepreneurial closely linked.

Serviced apartments are more than just temporary living, because their service combines the freedom of flexibility with a time factor.

This idea is also the focus for FLC – Furniture Leasing Corporation. Your all-in service includes everything from delivery to assembly to pick-up, and an interior design concept if required.

You don’t have to take care of anything yourself, there is more time and energy for the essentials: concepts such as co-living emphasize the quality of life, social aspects of life come to the fore again. Rental furniture solutions and serviced apartments make this possible.

Shared spaces and Co-Working

It goes without saying that FLC is also an ideal partner for other modern forms of living and working together.

Shared spaces or co-working require a high degree of flexibility. The living or working space should easily adapt to changing needs, whether through mobile partition walls or through the exchange of furniture. And this flexibility only offers leasing, not buying. Here the advantage of the offers from FLC becomes particularly clear. Because not only that individual adjustment is possible – the costs also remain manageable.

co - working and shared spaces

10 reasons for investors and property managers

In summary, I would like to summarize the 10 most important advantages.

1 The balance sheet is correct:

Renting instead of buying saves equity, calculable monthly instalments minimize risks and you literally don’t stay on broken furniture.

2 Tax advantages:

The monthly instalments can be written off immediately. The situation is completely different with purchased inventory, where depreciation is very lengthy and takes years.

3 Your properties will become more attractive:

The high quality of the furnishings, their aesthetic added value and the increased functionality satisfy demanding customer requirements. Your properties immediately become much more appealing and attract the right customers.

4 More customers through flexibility:

You expanded the circle of your customers by not having to commit to a clientele. The increased flexibility enables direct adaptation to customer requirements, in short: if the clientele changes, the interior decoration changes. You always have the right offer in hand and can respond to the wishes of your customers.

5 Consistent quality:

A constant quality is guaranteed by the flexible exchange of furnishings. How to keep the value of your property high.

6 Flexibility

Easy replacement of rental furniture and a purchase option at the end of the term gives you the flexibility to react to changes.

7 Professional maintenance

DGUV regulations must be observed for electrical items, which must be properly maintained and regularly accepted. This service is included for rented electrical appliances.

8 All-in service

FLC – Furniture Leasing Corporation is your partner for complete solutions. Daniel Ishikawa and his team offer an all-round service that combines professional know-how with competent advice and entrepreneurial mind.

9 Sustainability

Recycling and reuse are the keys to environmentally conscious living.

10 Forward-looking

Rental furniture remains: it is closely linked to the needs of our modern society. They offer flexibility, support mobility and stand for sustainability.


Finally, it can be said that the majority of the customer base will be made up of Millennials and Generation Z in the medium term. If you count on these new generations, you have to adapt and meet the demands of this target group. That is exactly why it is advisable to invest in temporary living, so called flexible living, and to work with flexible furnishing concepts. So in the long run you can only win.