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Did you know that rental furniture proves to be inexpensive and flexible for a furnished apartment? For example, if you live on a temporary basis, renting furniture has a clear advantage! Do you want to know what advantages rental furniture can really score? Then read on now.

Why rental furniture? Why is furniture becoming a trend?

Buying furniture for an apartment is always associated with high financial and time expenditure. This aspect affects not only private tenants, but also landlords of furnished apartments or companies that provide apartments for certain employees for a limited period of time. It is precisely this limited period of time that is crucial for the effort involved in furnishing the home to be far beyond its benefits. With regard to the furnishing itself, competent interior designers are available through the rental furniture provider, who take over the planning and the optimal furnishing according to your taste. You will receive all-round support from the selection of furniture to delivery and installation. You can move into your new apartment stress-free and inexpensively, or make it ready for an employee or hotel guest. Rental furniture is a good alternative with numerous advantages.

Why furnished apartment?

Why do you want to rent a furnished apartment? If you are one member of this groups we would recommend to read our offer carefully:

– HR agencies
– Entrepreneur with apartment for employees
– Landlord of landlords
– Freelancer
– Interim manager
– Job starter (trial period)
– Hotel owner
– Real estate agent

In the following, we would like to briefly go into the individual target groups and the advantages that result from the rental furniture.

Rental furniture for HR agencies

Personnel agencies in particular have a high need for workers for their customers. However, these workers are not only found locally, but also nationwide. Therefore, these HR agencies often provide your employees with apartments that belong to your business assets or are rented specifically for this purpose. For you as an HR agency, there are the following advantages in equipping these company apartments with rental furniture:

– No high investment costs
– Flexible termination
– No temporary storage of furniture
– High quality furniture
– Furniture choice according to your own ideas
– Rental furniture for companies with company apartments

Some companies provide their employees with company apartments free of charge or at low cost. These are usually already furnished by the company. The following overview shows why renting furniture can be advantageous for you as an entrepreneur with company apartments:

– No high investment costs
– Fixed monthly fixed costs
– Interim storage of unused furniture is not necessary
– High quality furniture
– Flexible exchange of furniture when moving into a flat by another employee


We say no. Try furniture rental instead!

We supply both private and business customers. For example, our rental furniture is ideal for students or employees who want to live for a limited time.

Companies can use our rental furniture for their offices and company apartments.

We also equip furnished apartments, model apartments and large properties such as student and senior dormitories.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Rental furniture for landlords

Some landlords have specialized in the rental of temporary apartments. Since the tenants only move into the apartment for a few weeks or months, the temporary purchase of new furniture by the tenant is not worthwhile. In this case, tenants prefer already furnished apartments. As a landlord, you can also fall back on the offer from rental furniture providers and borrow furniture. This has the following advantages for you:

no high investment costs
fixed monthly fixed costs
in the event of vacancy, there is no rental fee
high quality furniture
Flexible exchange of furniture when moving to another tenant

Rental furniture for freelancers

If you work as a freelancer for other companies, some or very often you will not be employed directly near your place of residence. In this case, you are dependent on an apartment that is either furnished or that you can flexibly equip with furniture. Borrowing furniture offers these advantages, with relatively minor disadvantages:

no high investment costs
fixed monthly fixed costs
high quality furniture
Furnishing to your own taste
can be canceled at any time

furnished flats

Rental furniture for interim managers

As an interim manager, you are often at different locations of your employer for several weeks or months. For this time you need an apartment, which you can not only cancel flexibly, but also equip flexibly with furniture. Why not borrow furniture? Borrowed furniture offers you the following advantages and disadvantages.

– Advantages:
no high investment costs
fixed monthly fixed costs
high quality furniture
Furnishing to your own taste
can be canceled at any time

– Hot pursuit:
Planning as monthly expenses necessary

Furnished apartment for job starters

Are you going to start a new job soon and not in the immediate vicinity of your previous place of residence? However, during the trial period, you don’t want to make an unnecessarily high investment in terms of the apartment and the furnishings? Then rental furniture could be the perfect choice for the transition. The following advantages, with relatively minor disadvantages, are when you rent your furniture instead of buying it.


– no high investment costs
– fixed monthly fixed costs
– high quality furniture
– Furnishing to your own taste
– can be canceled at any time

How to find the right rental furniture provider - rent furniture, but do it right

There are already several providers of rental furniture and furnished apartments on the market. When choosing the right provider for you, you should definitely compare the contractual and price conditions. As a provider with many years of experience and fair conditions, we can recommend our furniture packages.

Conclusion: So there are a large number of people or companies that benefit from the rental furniture offer – not only in terms of time, but also financially. Rental furniture reduces costs, but at the same time increases your flexibility. What does not suffer from this is the comfort and quality of the furniture, which you can choose according to your individual taste! Before buying furniture, be sure to think about whether the furniture is not a suitable alternative for you too! Renting furniture could also bring you many advantages!