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Renting vs Buying
Price comparison of a two-bedroom apartment

Children's and Guest room
Living room
Dining room
Delivery costs

* exemplary and non-binding calculation for a 24-month rental period and delivery within Germany. The prices include the added tax value.

Renting is always more flexible compared to buying and up to 45% more economical!

Excellent is the opinion of our customers

March 2020

Alexander Hertel

We have been working very successfully with the company Furniture Leasing for a long time…

Feb 2020

Reiner Elischer

Since the first contact, including the offer and handling, everything was perfect! And everything in a…

June 2020

Artur W.

My short-term inquiry was handled very fast and professionally. The changes in the…


Rent furniture how it works


To add your products to the virtual basket, click on the “request offer” button.


Within 24 hours, we will make you a non-binding offer. Our price offer includes delivery, installation and collection of the furniture.

Delivery date

We can discuss a delivery date with you as soon as you receive our offer and confirm it.

You ask and we answer

Can I rent indivdual items for just one month?

For short-term rentals for up to 5 months, we are offering special packages. Take a look at our Short-term Catalogue:

Are the installation costs included in the renting price?

The delivery and installation costs vary depending on your location. Please request an offer on our website to receive a non-binding offer, all costs included.

How fast can you ship?

We want that you receive your products as soon as possible, too. It can take up to 5 business days after the completion of the contract to deliver your furniture, depending on the time of shipping. Please request an offer on our website and receive an estimation of the delivery duration.

Can I buy the furniture after the rental period?

Our renting prices do not include a standardized buying option. But, if you are interested in keeping your rental furniture after the contract, you can gladly contact us. We will check which options are available for you.

What happens if I damage the furniture?

We will not charge you for normal wear-and-tear. If a product is defective and we are responsible for it, we will fix it, of course. Easy peasy!

What happens if I end my contract prematurely?

If your contract is set for 6 months or more, we will give you a discount of 25% for the pending rental fees, so that you do not suffer any disadvantages.

If your contract has a rental period of 5 months, you have to pay your pending fees in full.

You can find further answers here:


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    The renting of sofas, desks, and chairs started in 2011 and was developed step by step. Sustainable and healthy growth is still important to us, in order to stay agile and to be able to adapt the company to new conditions. 

    Invidivual Service with sustainable furnishing

    Today, we are specialized in an integrated resource-efficient furnishing of living and working spaces. From landlords, administrators, real estate agents, diplomats, expatriates to relocators, staff-housing managers, or even students, you can find personalized furniture leasing for almost every situation with a flexible rental period. Renting furniture from 4 weeks to up to 4 years — easy, fast, and individual, adapted to every situation. 

    Working spaces are living spaces

    Well arranged and furnished working spaces sustainably contribute to the wellbeing of colleagues in their working space and promote efficiency and innovation in a company. The workings paces of today’s world have a strong influence on motivation and build a medium for a culture characterized by values. That is how working spaces become actual living spaces. This aspect is gaining more importance during COVID-19 since employees are not spending time in the office daily. The concepts have to be flexible, individual and tailored to your immediate needs. 

    Renting furniture from experts near you

    You can find us in the heart of Germany — near the finance-capital region of Frankfurt am Main. Beyond that, you can find our furnishings in other offices and different locations in the DACH-Region. We have successfully supervised over 5.000  different furnishing projects in Europe, always with the goal of temporary furnishing apartments, houses, personnel-housing, and office spaces in a sustainable way, supporting a flexible lifestyle. 

    Get in touch with us and use all the advantages of renting furniture. 

    We are looking forward to you!

    Your Daniel Ishikawa and Team



    We are members of the CORT Global Network of CORT, a Berkshire Hathaway Company.