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‍Furniture rental

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Furniture rental is a cost-effective and practical alternative for real estate agents, entrepreneurs, freelancers and other target groups.

Furniture rental: the convenient and price-conscious alternative

Rent out furniture – have you heard of it? There are many situations in which rental furniture presents itself as a very profitable alternative to buying furniture. The topic of furniture rental is interesting for different target groups. Furniture Leasing is a competent and experienced contact in the area of furniture rental. Find out what advantages it has for you when you use the furniture rental service and why it pays to use our offer.

Furniture rental: what does that mean?

Renting out furniture is still new and unique. Do you have an apartment that you want to set up quickly, easily and cheaply? Then use the opportunity that you get with the furniture rental. At Furniture Leasing you have the opportunity to rent furnishings for every living space at low cost. You don’t need to buy the furniture for a lot of money and fear loss of value. Rent the furnishings for your apartment and save money and time .. It doesn’t matter whether you simply want to equip a 1-room apartment with the most necessary pieces of furniture or it is an entire house. You can choose from all kinds of furniture or choose different packages directly. Renting furniture is about saving you high costs and a lot of work. You book the furniture you would like to have and do not have to worry about anything else. You also determine the rental period completely individually. Whether you use the furniture rental only for a month or book directly for 3 years – that is up to you.

Is furniture rental suitable for me?

We supply both private and business customers. For example, our rental furniture is ideal for students or employees who want to live for a limited time.

Companies can use our rental furniture for their offices and company apartments.

We also equip furnished apartments, model apartments and large properties such as student and senior housing.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Renting out furniture: Why rental furniture is worthwhile

Furniture rental is extremely useful for numerous target groups. Of course, it depends on what reasons you want to use the furniture for rent. The following customers are already counting on our offer:

1) HR agencies
2) Entrepreneurs with employee housing
3) Landlord of second homes
4) Freelancer
5) Real estate agent
6) Hotel owner
7) Job starter
8) Individualists

As a real estate agent, you know the challenge when a customer is looking for a furnished property. Usually you cannot fulfill this wish. But with the rental furniture service, renting furniture becomes child’s play. So you have the opportunity to rent a property furnished. This in turn expands your customer base and opens up new opportunities for you. Renting furniture also plays a role in other areas. Many companies now provide their employees with apartments. That makes sense and is practical. But it can be difficult when it comes to furnishing. Are you afraid of the high acquisition costs for a facility? Then opt for furniture rental. With one click you can book an individual furnishing package and the topic of furnishing the staff apartment has already been done. Renting out furniture makes it easy for you.

Hotel owners have to meet particularly high standards, because tasteful furnishings often determine the satisfaction of hotel guests. Do not leave anything to chance. When it comes to renting furniture, we are definitely your contact. With us you can design every hotel room as you imagine it and avoid high investments. Job starters often have the problem that they do not know whether they will survive the trial period or may have to move again in a timely manner. So it would be negligent to buy a complete home furnishings directly. Furniture rental is again the perfect alternative. This also applies to freelancers or people who travel a lot and do not live in one place for long. It is expensive to have furniture or even the entire facility shipped. Moving a long distance can also cost money. If you decide to rent furniture at this point, you will save a lot of money in the long term.

Why take the furniture rental?

Renting furniture is our core competence. If you decide to rent furniture, you can save money, time and stress and avoid high investments. In addition, furniture rental is uncomplicated, stress-free and practical.

Renting out furniture is worthwhile for our customers. It is much cheaper to rent furniture than to move it every time you move or redesign your apartment. The inexpensive alternative is furniture rental.

The rental furniture contracts can be designed completely flexibly. Do you want to take the furniture rental for only one month? Or are you planning a longer rental period? That does not matter. You can use the furniture rental as you need it. If necessary, not only early termination is possible, but also a short-term extension. You enjoy full flexibility.

Furniture Leasing not only offers you quality and fair prices. You also benefit from speed. If you request a quote for furniture rental today, we will put together a tailor-made package for you as soon as possible. After placing the order, the facility is available to you with a delivery time of 5 working days.

In short: Renting furniture is a topic that has many advantages. Think about it and decide to take advantage of the furniture rental. We would be happy to explain to you in a personal discussion the advantages of the rental contracts that we offer. Here you can choose from different packages and thus ensure that the furniture rental fully meets your requirements.

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Your contact person for furniture rental: Furniture Leasing

Rent out furniture? Furniture Leasing is your experienced and competent contact when it comes to renting furniture. For the first time we rented a sofa to a customer in 2011. Since then our company has continued to grow. In the meantime, we have set up around 5,000 rooms in over 10 countries. Whether you are a building owner, landlord, property manager or private customer – we always offer you a suitable furnishing solution that exactly meets your wishes and needs. Our offer includes simple and solid furnishings as well as tasteful and elegant furnishing solutions. Simply browse through our catalog and let yourself be inspired.

Apart from individual furniture, you can also book entire furnishing packages with us. It doesn’t matter where you want to rent the furniture. We deliver to many other countries besides Germany. Of course, we guarantee you not only a smooth process, but also absolutely high quality furniture. However, you get them at a more than reasonable price and save money in the long run. Have we piqued your interest? Please feel free to contact our team with your questions and requests. We will create an individual offer that exactly matches your ideas.