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Your office furniture delivered to your home including assembly

Fast delivery times (from 5 working days)

Save money and time

Are you planning to buy office furniture for your home or office? Stop. Do not act too hastily. Corona in particular shows that working from home is also feasible. We therefore recommend leasing office furniture. Save money on high investments in office furniture and office rents. Wait to see how the situation develops. In the best case, take your rented furniture with you to the new office.

Office Furniture Leasing - Rent high quality furniture monthly

Companies that want to start their business now, as well as long-established companies that now have to switch to short-time work or home office, face the same question: do I buy office furniture now or do I prefer leasing?

For young entrepreneurs and the self-employed, it makes sense to postpone high investments in the future. With a low monthly leasing rate, you can positively influence your cash flow and are able to terminate at any time, especially in difficult times.

Long-established companies have a harder time there, although one should think about the question of giving up or sublet office space. Because if you take the chance and send some of the employees to the home office, you don’t need as much office space. You either save on rent or get additional income through an office share concept. Another point that should also be noted here is that you do not have to expand your office space. Office furniture leasing can play a supporting role in all areas. You only lease when you need furniture.

In addition, you benefit from the service of Furniture Leasing, which offers office furniture leasing throughout Germany. You no longer have to worry about moving the company, setting up or dismantling the furniture. If these are not arguments to rent office furniture?


We supply both private and business customers. For example, our rental furniture is ideal for students or employees who want to live for a limited time.

Companies can use our rental furniture for their offices and company apartments.

We also equip furnished apartments, model apartments and large properties such as student and senior housing.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Why don’t you give your employees who want to and can work at home for two to four days because it is not necessary that they are always on site do not give them an office furniture leasing voucher?

It is now the right time to seriously reform the work model and work-life balance and adapt it to the needs of employees. In particular commuters who have to travel long distances every day could benefit from the office furniture leasing voucher. And you as a company too. Employees are more motivated, more relaxed and less sick.

The idea of ​​a voucher would also be exciting when it comes to employee housing. New employees who do not yet have an apartment can use your employee apartment at short notice. Depending on your taste, you can then choose office furniture from Furniture Leasing and rent it for a short period of time until you have found your own apartment.

If you are planning to build or provide staff housing, remember what happens when the apartment is empty. You bought the furniture expensive and are not using it now. With a leasing model, you could have the furniture picked up when it was empty.

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1. Renting office furniture is cheaper than buying office furniture

2. Flexibility

3. Individual rental period

4. Sustainability

5. Easy and uncomplicated


We at Furniture Leasing will be happy to assist you with inpuncto office furniture leasing. We offer you experience, quality and competence. In the past 10 years we have equipped more than 5,000 rooms in various sizes. Our office furniture is very high quality and still inexpensive.

You also benefit from fast processing. Because we can implement complete home furnishings from a delivery time of 5 working days. We deliver to many countries.

Office furniture leasing works very simply: click through our range and simply add the desired furniture to your product basket. Then request an offer. We will get back to you within 24 hours and send you an individual and transparent offer. The price also includes the costs for delivery, installation and collection of the furnishings. As soon as you place the order with us, we start processing.

If you trust us, you will save a lot of time and money. Get in contact with us now.