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Would you have thought that you could save costs with rental furniture? If you also want to find out why the furniture rental industry is booming and why it is stress-free and uncomplicated for the “tenant”, then you should definitely read on!

Rental furniture - what benefits does furniture rental have for the customer?

The target groups for the rental furniture are quite broad. These target groups include:

1. HR agencies
2. Companies with employee flats
3. Landlords of temporary apartments
4. Freelancer
5. Interim manager
6. Job starter (trial period) – young professionals
7. Hotel owners
8. Real estate agent

We would like to briefly outline the advantages and disadvantages of rental furniture for the individual target groups.

Rental furniture for HR agencies, companies with employee flats

Rental furniture for personnel agencies

The high personnel requirements of personnel agencies for your customers often result in nationwide placement of the workforce. Therefore, there is often a high demand among employees for apartments that HR agencies rent for employees if their own company apartments are not available. These apartments can be furnished very flexibly with rental furniture. If an apartment is no longer required, the rented furniture is also canceled promptly. Here is an overview of the advantages.

– High investment costs are eliminated
– Flexible rental and termination
– No temporary storage of furniture
– High quality furniture
– Furniture choice according to your own ideas

Rental furniture for companies with employee flats

Some companies provide employees with company apartments free of charge or at a reasonable rental price. The furniture is usually done by the company itself. The following overview shows which points speak for you as a company with company apartments for furniture rental:

– Eliminate high investment costs
– Monthly fixed costs
– Interim storage of unused furniture is not necessary
– High quality furniture
– Flexible furniture exchange when moving into a new home


We supply both private and business customers. For example, our rental furniture is ideal for students or employees who want to live for a limited time.

Companies can borrow our furniture for their offices and company apartments.

We also equip furnished apartments, employee flats and large properties such as student and senior dormitories.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Rental furniture for landlords of temporary apartments

Since not all tenants rent apartments on a long-term basis, but also partially need apartments for a limited period of time, some landlords have specialized in the rental of temporary apartments. In this case, the purchase of own furniture does not pay off for the tenants, which is why they prefer to look for furnished furniture. As a landlord, you may find it interesting to rent the furniture. The following advantages and disadvantages result for you:

– Eliminate high investment costs
– Fixed monthly fixed costs
– No furniture costs for vacant apartments
– High quality furniture
– Flexible furniture exchange when moving in

Furniture rental for freelancer

If you are used as a freelancer time and time again by different companies all over Germany, you not only need a flexible apartment at the respective place of work, but also a certain flexibility in the furnishing. Renting furniture offers you the following numerous advantages as a freelancer:

– No high investment costs
– Fixed monthly fixed costs
– No high rents for project housing
– Furnishing to your own taste
– No moving stress
– Much time saving

Mietmobiliar von Furniture Leasing

Rental furniture for interim manager

If you work as an interim manager for several weeks or months at different locations, you also need an apartment at the place of work. The purchase of new home furnishings is not profitable here. Why not just rent furniture? Rental furniture comes with numerous advantages for you, as the following illustration shows:

– no high investment costs
– furnishing to your own taste
– no moving stress
– no high rents for furnished apartments

Rental furniture for job starters and young professionals

Are you a young professional and will soon start your first job? Is the place of work not in the immediate vicinity of your previous place of residence? Then renting the furniture could be a good solution for you during the transition period until after the trial period. The advantages are convincing:

– no high investment costs
– no big move
– risk minimization in the event of termination within the trial period
– fixed monthly fixed costs
– can be canceled at any time within the trial period

Rental furniture for real estate agents

Rental furniture is also an integral part of the real estate industry, because real estate agents also benefit from the furniture rental offer. With the help of rental furniture, empty objects can be temporarily furnished in a homely manner. This usually not only increases the chances and the speed of marketing, but can also have a positive effect on the sales price. Renting furniture can be your plus point in the real estate market:

– Better marketing opportunities
– Faster rental
– Higher rent possible
– “Mental setup” by the potential tenant
– Generation of warmth and comfort in the property

Find the right provider for rental furniture - furniture rental made easy

In the meantime, several providers have discovered the furniture rental market. But provider is not the same provider, which is why you should definitely compare the contractual and price terms of different providers. At Furniture Leasing we have many years of experience in this area and very user-friendly conditions that can save you a lot of time, money and stress when moving.

Conclusion: Many people and companies in very different industries can benefit from furniture rental. Because rental furniture is not only associated with low costs, but also with immense time savings and flexibility. In addition, you always have a high-quality facility that meets your individual taste and your personal comfort requirements. Precisely for these reasons, you should definitely think about the option to rent furniture from a furniture rental before buying furniture! Rental furniture can also bring you many advantages.