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Temporary living is a popular living option in Generation Y because it has so many advantages. Are you also considering finding a furnished apartment? Maybe an unfurnished apartment that you equip with furniture leasing furniture will do.

Advantages of temporary living

There are many advantages to temporary living.

1. Flexibility
2. Comfort
3. No move
4. No long leases
5. Hotel atmosphere but rather private
6. Sublet

Furnished living: flexibility is becoming increasingly important

Furnished living is becoming increasingly interesting on the housing market. Above all, it is professional commuters, fitters, project workers, freelancers or even job starters who are looking for a fully furnished apartment. Because if you only live in one place to a limited extent, you are completely justified in avoiding the high acquisition costs of new home furnishings. If you know in advance that you will only rent an apartment for a certain time, then you should think about furnished living.

The result is a kind of hotel atmosphere, but more private. There is no breakfast buffet or room service. You can live your life as you see fit. With Furniture Leasing you even have the option to rent your favorite furniture. You put together your own package of rental furniture.


We supply both private and business customers. For example, our rental furniture is ideal for students or employees who want to live for a limited time.

Companies can borrow our furniture for their offices and company apartments.

We also equip employee apartments, model apartments and large properties such as student and senior dormitories.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Inexpensive temporary living after painful separation

In addition to commuters, assembly workers and interim managers, there is another group for which temporary living is sensible and inexpensive: those who have just separated or divorced. In some cases, it is only a bridging to return to your old apartment, back to your partner after you have reconciled. But temporary living can also help when there is no longer any reconciliation and the signs of separation are showing.

With the help of Furniture Leasing you can look for a small unfurnished apartment and order one of our 1-room packages. You save a lot of money and buy time to plan the next steps.

möbliertes Wohnen mit Furniture Leasing

Conclusion: Temporary living is worthwhile

Conclusion: Temporary living pays off Although the rental price of a furnished apartment is often higher than that of an empty apartment, but the tenant saves money in the long term if he decides to rent furnished apartment. Furnished living and especially a furnished apartment is definitely worth it for job starters, freelancers, commuters or assembly workers. You save the money for the purchase of a facility and still enjoy the comfort of a lovingly furnished apartment. In this respect, furnished living is a relevant and worthwhile topic.

But it does not have to be a complete apartment. If you are looking for a cheap apartment, you can also benefit from a furnished apartment. Here the rental costs are usually somewhat lower. This pays off especially for low earners, students or freelancers who want to pay special attention to their budget.

Simply rent furniture: rent furniture from Furniture Leasing

When it comes to simply renting furniture and furnished living, Furniture Leasing is always your contact. With Furniture Leasing you can quickly and easily set up an apartment with rental furniture. You can choose from numerous offers in the area of ​​furnished living. Take a look at the different furniture packages and let yourself be inspired.

There are different combinations, so you are guaranteed to find something. It does not matter whether you want to set up a multi-room apartment or if it is just an apartment. From bedrooms to kitchens and offices – our furniture packages offer everything you could wish for. This also applies to the rental period, which you can design individually. Decide for a month or rent the furniture directly for several years.

Just the way you need it. Our offers, when it comes to furnished living, are individually tailored to you. Of course, Furniture Leasing also stands for quality. We only offer you high quality, stable and durable furniture that you will enjoy for a long time if you choose furnished living as an alternative. If you have any questions on the subject, please do not hesitate to contact our staff who will advise you in detail. We would be happy to help you and create an individual offer for a furnished apartment for you.