Furniture in Germany

Buying furniture in Halle

| Mai 6, 2014

Some people love the smell of a new car, I for one, believe that if there’s one thing that tops that smell, it’s furniture, brand new leather furniture, unwrapped in my very own Halle living room. It’s one of the thrills about moving to a new city really. The ability to furnish on an untouched scene (untouched by you that is) and make it your own, allow your individuality to speak and to transform the room into something that you really can appreciate.


There’s only one problem really. The fact that when you’re doing things in a rush, like I typically do, you’re faced with the challenge of finding a furniture store that stocks the items you would like to purchase. The best way to go, is to avoid this necessity all together, by finding out the delivery times in advance. With many of the furniture stores having online catalogs, you really can get an idea of what you want beforehand, and order the items that are available for purchase online. Everything else, you may want to consider renting until you’ve gotten a chance to look at them yourself. This way you won’t be shocked by a misrepresentation of furniture that you saw online, where in your living room the actual piece is nothing like you had imagine, or nothing you would have wanted.


For many stores, it takes up to 12 weeks to have your furniture. It does, however, vary, so it’s always best to contact the store rather than to assume.


Heule Möbel

Medium price, great baby furniture as well as sofas, futons etc.

Phone: 0345 / 20998 – 0


Address: Neustädter Passage 11

06122 Halle (Saale)




Möbel Spar

Affordable, Inexpensive, Cheap. Yes, this store is where you’ll definitely get a bargain.

Phone: 0345 / 681 18 83


Address: Merseburger Str. 371

06132 Halle-Ammendorf





Really great for classy and comfortable sofas.


Phone:  0345-5801264


Address: Deutsche Grube 3c, 06116 Halle