Furniture in Germany

Buying furniture in Hanover

| Mai 6, 2014

Hanover is a great place to go furniture shopping for more reasons that one. Outside of the fact that they have a wide variety of furniture stores, they’ve got many bargains on furniture that will make you want to scoop up just about everything you find.


When preparing for your furniture shopping trip, which will be more than likely necessary if you’re just moving to Hanover, you will want to have a colleague or friend accompany you, if your German isn’t up to scratch. Being able to communicate with the representatives at the furniture store will prove to be very beneficial in getting you all the answers to your questions.


Occasionally you will come across a store where they’ve got a few people who are keen on testing their English, however, this isn’t a guarantee and thus the best way to go about things is to have someone who speaks German accompany you.


Questions such as how long your furniture will take to be delivered, or if there are any items in store that you’ll be able to take with you once purchased, may arise and rather than having to guess what the representative says, you want to know for sure. If you’re looking at financing furniture, you will also want to ensure that you understand all the terms of the contract and what kind of percentage you will be held responsible for, provided you got through with the option of financing.


Viable options in Hanover are:

Möbel-Staude- Furniture for: bedroom, bathroom, garden, living room, dining room etc.

 Phone: 05 11 / 93 79 8-0


Address: Meelbaumstrasse 15 30165 Hannover-Hainholz




QM Möbel- Furniture for: bedroom, dining room, living room, etc.

Phone: 0511 67664670


Address: Theaterstr. 7

30159 Hannover




Möbel Hesse- bedroom, bathroom, garden, living room, dining room etc.

Phone: 0511/279 78-100


Address: Robert-Hesse-Str. 3

30827 Garbsen