Furniture in Germany

Buying furniture in Kiel

| Mai 6, 2014

Setting a budget when furniture shopping in Kiel is necessary. Most of us, when moving into a new apartment or a new home are filled with excitement over the decorating possibilities and when moving to Kiel, you’ll also be overwhelmed with the desire to explore. Being able to furnish your apartment and still have enough in your pocket to go on all the adventures you have planned will therefore be something that you are keen on doing.


Where the excitement of furnishing a new apartment is concerned, many of us tend to go overboard, forgetting to look at the price or consider the need for a particular option when shopping. Rather than ending up with two sofas in a home that is better off with just one, you’ll want to get your shopping list drawn up. Now, this isn’t as simple as doing your grocery store list, as if you get double the items, you can’t simply eat it in order to put it to use. With that said, you’ll want to put a bit more consideration into the things that you need in your home. Start with the essentials like your couch, bed, dining table and possibly a kitchen (if your apartment doesn’t already have one) and once this is taken care of, move on to the ‚accessories‘ like lamps, frames and pictures.


In Kiel, there are many furniture stores that you get to choose from. These include, but are not limited to: Dela Möbel (medium to expensive), Möbel Brocke (medium),  and Möbel Rixen (medium).


The corresponding information for these locations are as follows:

Dela Möbel

Phone: 0431/93050


Address: Eggerstedtstr. 7-9,  24103 Kiel


Möbel Brocke

Phone: 0431 95979


Address: Exerzierplatz 32, 24103 Kiel


Möbel Rixen

Phone: 0431 / 39 91 60


Address: Koppelberg 3-9

24159 Kiel