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Furniture in Germany

Buying furniture in Villach

| Mai 6, 2014

Every time an expat does something else for the first time in Villach, there will always be a slight difference to what he or she is used to. The same hold true for furniture shopping. It starts with the language barrier that will make the exchange of information about possibly interesting pieces that much harder. Expats can save themselves lots of trouble by simply bringing somebody who can translate between him and the sales personnel that may not know sufficient German. The next thing that is rather confusing for many expats and leads to much frustration is the fact that it may take up to two weeks for your furniture to arrive if you opt for set up service. Coupled with language barriers, this can lead to many annoying misunderstandings between an expat and the employees of furniture companies. This isn’t supposed to mean that a pleasant furniture shopping experience isn’t possible, there are many stores in Villach that will have what you desire, when it comes to furniture.

Rutar Villach

This store of large proportions doesn’t just simply settle for quality furniture, it also offers just about everything else that you may need in your new apartment/house. From carpets, to linens and lighting, you will be able to find what you are looking for, and so much more.

Rutar Villach

Phone:+43 (0)4242/24620-0

Ossiacher Zeile/ Dreschnigstraße 31, 9500 Villach


Möbelix Villach

If you are looking to go easy on your wallet, while finding great looking furniture then Möbelix is the absolute ideal store for you. Here you will find furniture of many styles at prices that you didn’t think were possible. Möbelix is perfect for those expats who aren’t looking to use the furniture for too many years.

Möbelix Villach


Auenweg 5
9500 Villach


Kika Villach

If you are looking for many different styles that no other furniture store carries then take a good look at Kika Villach’s Green Line. Here you can find beautiful, natural looking furniture for fair prices.

Kika Villach

 Phone:  04242/32111

Kärntner Straße 7, 9500 Villach