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Interior Design Consultancy for Relocation Agency clients

| September 7, 2019

You are a relocation agent and you are asked to find a new home for your client?

Why not offer to additional and exclusive service to your VIP clients?

We are known for our fast and efficient services did Provide furnishing for your client’s new home, quality and style included.

Did you know? In addition to our traditional furniture rentals, we now offer complimentary interior design services to select relocation agencies based in Germany. We are collaborating with renowned interior design specialists to make your client’s new house a new home.

Believe it or not! Our design consultancy service is free of charge even if your client Decides not to take up on our offer! Should your client decide to order the furniture through us, only in the case did a small percentage (5-10% DEPENDING ON volume) would be added to the monthly rental fees.

Furniture Rental with us is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. You send us the floor plan of the home you would like to get furnished.

2. We find the perfect interior designer for your home who wants to work with the provided floor plan. Or we arrange for a home visit if this suits your client better.

3. You receive from as a free design proposal with various furniture and home accessory options to choose from. Do you like our proposal? Let us know and we will arrange for delivery and setup shortly after!

Meet our team

We rely on interior design consultants across Germany to Provide a flexible, professional interior design service.

Meet Boris, one of our interior design specialists.

Boris Indra Bandyopadhyay has been working with our team for over a year now. He is the owner of the Berlin and Frankfurt based Bandyopadhyay interior + communication.

Boris is an interior designer with vast experience in designing home and office furniture, for famous brands as well as his own brand of furniture. His work has been featured in various domestic and international design magazines and has been nominated for the German Ecodesign for his furniture design works.

Here is a video explaining our home staging and interior design services (currently available only in German):

Look at some of our „before and after“ – pictures to get an idea of how much of a difference our interior designers can make!

(Photo: Peter R. Reul

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