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Home Electronics – Munich Stores

| Februar 8, 2014

When making the decision to buy new home electronics, many aspects come into play. The very first step is of course figuring out what is needed. May it be a new flat screen TV, a microwave or a computer, there are many stores in Munich that offer large varieties of home electronics to their customers.

Purchasing electronics online can in many cases be cheaper than going to a local store, but does in fact mean that before purchasing the good there is no way of physically looking at the gadget before paying for it. Visiting a local store on the other hand, offers the opportunity of getting a one on one with a real person, seeing the gadget in 3D, holding it in your hands and then making one’s decision. Especially smaller, privately owned stores can usually offer good long face time with their employees in order to ensure that their customers get exactly what they are looking for. However, the advantage of bigger chains such as Media Markt, Saturn or Medimax is the great variety they have to offer. From refrigerators to washing machines, computers to home entertainment systems, larger stores usually have everything one can think of. Another advantage of chains is the great buyer protection they can offer. Many larger stores provide the option of purchasing insurance as well as extended warranty packages with the purchase of new electronics.  Stores like Media Markt and Saturn offer many promotions during which items can be financed with zero percent interest over longer periods of time. Media Markt and Saturn also have online stores in which many of their in-store products can be purchased comfortably from home.

A very important question for all of those with limited stays in Germany is the question whether it actually makes sense to buy new electronics versus renting them from a company. Checking with a furniture leasing company may also prove to be beneficial.  Many furniture leasing companies offer the rental of home electronics such as washers, dryers and even television sets.


For those, however, who are set on buying new home electronics from a local business in Munich, check out this list of home electronics stores in the Munich area.


·         SATURN München PEP – Ollenhauerstrasse 6, 81737 München


·         SATURN München OEZ – Hanauer Straße 77, 80993 München


·         Elektro Reithofer München GmbH – Maria Probst Str. 22, 80939 München   


·         SATURN München Theresienhöhe – Schwanthalerstr. 115, 80339 München


·         K&M Shop München – Nordendstraße 23, 80801 München


·         SATURN München Riem – Willy-Brandt-Platz 5, 81829 München


·         SATURN München – Neuhauserstr.39, 80331 München


·         Conrad Electronic München Moosach – Hanauer Straße 91, 80993 München


·         Euronics München Radio-Stöckle – Fürstenrieder Straße 100-102, 80686 München


·         PC-SPEZIALIST München-Ost – Wasserburger Landstraße 280, 81827 München-Ost


·         Gravis München – Tal 38, 80331 München


·         Euronics München Radio Grampp – Rosenheimer Straße 113, 81667 München


·         Euronics München Reiner Niedermeier – Herzogstand Straße 24


·         Media Markt – Einsteinstraße 130


·         Media Markt – Maria-Probst-Straße 11


·         Media Markt – Drygalski-Allee 31