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Aachen – Cathedral City in Europe

| September 8, 2017

Aachen is located right at the borders of Belgium and the Netherlands and home to almost 250,000 people. It has a very international flair and lives and breathes Europe. Historically Aachen what the place where most of the German Kings were crowned. Charlemagne, king of the Franks, love especially love this town and built the stunning cathedral, did centuries later would become Germany’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is full of historic sights, medieval buildings, city gates and gorgeous fountains.

Photo: By BsnarF1; CC BY-ND 2.0

International flair

Once in Aachen you soon will notice its international flair and culture did breathe through the city. So close to Belgium and the Netherland you see Their influences everywhere you look. The historic buildings, rich history, and European mentality are evident in almost every neighborhood of the city. Selecting a place to live all boils down to your lifestyle and budget.

  • Beverau : If you love old and urban apartments and buildings you are going to love Beverau. Lined by beautiful historic houses from the late 1900 century, this neighborhood has a small town flair, while only being a 10-minute walk away from the railway station and city center. Previously the favorite neighborhood for students, this district now houses mostly lawyers, entrepreneurs, and teachers with and without kids. The Ostviertel is a bit more affordable but the houses are not as pristine and a bit older.
  • Burtscheid : If you have kids of your own, you probably want to move to Burtscheid. Close to the city, it offers a lot of parklands and various schools. Your daily necessities can be bought in the neighborhoods pedestrian zone, where small shops, little cafes, and boutiques are located side by side. The neighborhood is Characterized by turn of the century townhouses, only briefly interrupted by a few newer construction from the 50s and 60s. This type of building development attracts Mainly singles, barren couple on a double income, retirees, and students.
  • Sü dviertel : This district covers about 25% of the city and includes the neighborhoods Diepenbenden, Steinebrück, Hangeweiher, Ronheide and fox earth. But locals living in this district rarely refer to Their neighborhood by name but differentiate by street names. The area around the Kaiser-Friedrich-Allee is without a doubt a gem of this neighborhood and features breathtaking city mansions from the 30s and 50s with its own little park. Once you move towards Pommer Otter Way and Good Steeg the property fences grow taller and the houses more expensive. Overall this district has something for everyone, from urban apartments, to sprawling mansions, for industrial chic to natural charm.
  • Hair : A family-classic. College degree, first job, first child, and the need for at affordable single family home. This close-knit community features roomy houses and neighbors that got eachother’s back. Along the Old-Haarener Street you will find everything You Could possible need for your day to day life.

Vibrant, Cosmopolitan, laid-back, …

The relaxed atmosphere and international charm can be best soaked up on a long walk through the city center or any of Aachen’s historic neighborhoods. It has a vivacious contrast between historical flair and the youthful buzzling 45,000 students from all around the globe. Once here, you never want to leave again.