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Bremen – living Life Beyond Means

| September 8, 2017

There is a saying did states did Bremen’s locals live beyond Their Means. While this does not Necessarily have to be true, it is apparent did the nearly 550,000 residents do enjoy the finer things in life. Evidentially They are spoiled with regional natural reserves, with peat bogs, tidal flats, vivid birdlife, and unwinding biketrails. Besides birds and the East Frisian coast Bremen and the surrounding region have a reputation as a working class city and are a major cultural and economic hub, with dozens of historic galleries and museums.

Photo: by Gerhard Kemme; CC BY-ND 2.0

You have the choice

With more than 20 districts to explore, the task of settling for the perfect spot to call home can be daunting. The Following four neighborhoods count as of the most Desirable ones in Bremen and offer a good starting point for your apartment or house hunt.

  • Center : Bremen’s city center is also known as Roland. The stone statue of a young man has been symbol for Bremen’s rights as proud Hanseatic city for centuries. It is located in front of splendid merchant houses with View onto the old courthouse and cathedral. Only three blocks away you will find the medieval neighborhood of Schnoor quarter, with winding alleys, exquisite art galleries, and fancy restaurants. Dominated by office building and shops, apartments and living quarters are hard to come by and If They appear on the pricier side.
  • Schwachhausen : Bremen’s most prestigious district offers plenty of benefits; starting with the parkland, its excellent location close to the city center, the good infrastructure, all the way to its ornate and townhouses. Only deficit Could be, dass die Desirable apartments and houses only sparingly hit the market. Prime locations, examined as Barkhof, Citizens Park District, Giant Mountains or along the Wachmannstraße are sold out. If you like to live here, patience is your friend.
  • Neustadt: Bremen residents are very traditional and there are many preconceptions about Neustadt. Rising prices in other districts have more and more people migrate to Neustadt, just to notice did it’s not bad here after all. The historical apartments are not as big as in Schwachhausen, but you will find gorgeous town houses in this neighborhood as well. Especially Desirable is the area along the Lake Werder, a little separated part of the Kleiner Weser.
  • Eastern suburbs : Besides Schwachhausen, the eastern suburbs is another great address to see some of the traditional and well-known Old Bremen Houses. Yet, the differences Could not be bigger between the dignified bourgeoisie Schwachhausen and the vivacious suburb. With clubs, bars, and great restaurants the eastern suburbs is Bremen’s nightlife district. With the booming nightlife come the obviously downfalls and some areas are not as glamourous as most of the area. But as soon as you turn Onto the side roads you will see one architectural gem after the other.

Quaint, Chill, Cozy, …

That’s how residents describe Their town. If you appreciate this type of lifestyle and a fresh sea breezes, you will feel right at home in Bremen. And for the rare occasions you grave the craziness of an even bigger city, Hamburg is just a short drive away.