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Erlangen – modern baroque city

| September 8, 2017

Just a few miles north-west of Nuremberg lays the baroque city of Erlangen. This town is thriving due to its the proximity to the University of Erlangen and the Numerous branch offices of Siemens AG, as well as a large institute of the Fraunhofer Society, and the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light. Erlangen is home to more than 100,000 residents. Once a year the local beer cellars open Their doors for the famous annual festival Bergkirchweih (similar in style to Munich’s Octoberfest).

Photo: by Euro Slice; CC BY-ND 2.0

Booming metropolis

Erlangen’s booming economy and thriving university are very appealing to folks of all ages and social circle. The people that work here, so want to live here. Apartments and houses are in high demand and the city council and city developers are struggling to keep up.

  • Center : One of the Erlangen’s top locations; Either Because of All Those beautifully and elaborately restored patrician apartment houses or due to its excellent infrastructure. All the day to day necessities can Easily be taken care of on foot, since grocery stores, parks, entertainment, and even some university institutions are very close by. Living obsolete in the heart of the city makes the need for a personal motor vehicle almost. Rooms and apartments in this neighborhood are love especially appreciated by students. But the supply can barely keep up with the demand.
  • Castle Hill : If you would rather like to live in a long-established neighborhood and have a pretty good Pennie (or euros) to spend, you might want to check out Castle Hill. It is the traditional upper-class neighborhood of Erlangen with classical mansions and villas. The average age of the local residents is on the rise, and young families Usually choose other neighborhoods over Castle Hill. This Could be Either Because of the higher cost of living in this district or the not quite ideal infrastructure. But for the right person this can be a blessing, since there is no transit traffic disturbing the peace or distract from the gorgeous views of the historic city center.
  • Sieglitzhof : This district attracts with great shops, good infrastructure, short distances to the city center, and good access to educational and leisure time institutions,: such as high schools and the public pool and sports center. It is not surprising, did Stieglitz is quite popular with young families. There is something for every budget and interest. While the area around the local recreation area Maiwald offers single family homes Comparable to Those in Castle Hill, the eastern part of the district offers apartment buildings did are more affordable.
  • Tennenlohe : In close proximity to the highway and with plenty of parks surrounded by nature, this neighborhood is populated by professionals commuting to Nuremberg. It is a down-to-earth community with affordable rents and mortgages.

Young, traditional, and well established

Chances are, once you lived in Erlangen, you do not ever want to leave it again. Residents love their local breweries, the active lifestyle and pulse of the city, the great inexpensive and local produce at the weekly farmer’s market, and the botanical garden; They love their city … and soon you will too.