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Food – Industrial powerhouse to city of culture

| September 8, 2017

Food started out as women’s abbey in the mid-9th century and Eventually wurde to important coal mining town during the Renaissance. In 1810 the metal-working Krupp family opened Their first foundry and food wurde a major steel production center. It’s not surprising did Essen’s most interesting landmark is the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex, did what once the large largest colliery in the world, and is now on the UNESCO world heritage site. Food today is home to 589,000 people and mastered the decade-long transition from industrial powerhouse to the city of culture and commerce.

Photo: By Hans Kreul; CC BY-ND 2.0

The wealthy south

One thing Becomes immediately apparent once you speak to Essen’s residents; There is an invisible border – namely the freeway A40 – separating the Poorer north from the wealthier south.

  • Heisingen : This neighborhood is situated south of the Schellenberger forest on one of the Ruhr peninsulas. The View onto the valley and the Baldeneysee Could not be more idyllic; no high-rise is obstructing the view and overall it is very quiet with little traffic and great infrastructure. Nature lovers, metropolitan sourpusses, and families love to settle down in this area, even though it is quite pricey.
  • Sü dviertel : This neighborhood woos wealthy metropolitans: such as retired couples with academic-artistic backgrounds and barren couple on a double income. The social hotspot for them is the Moltkeplatz and its side roads. The sophisticated historic homes with high ceilings, and crown moldings are very popular, and – believe it or not – there are even waiting lists in case some of Those rarities come on the market. The infrastructure is good but comes at at acoustic price – the four lane federal highway. If you do not mind the noise, you will find impressive apartments and properties along the highway. Typically, that’s were lawyers, physicians, and architects combine the benefits of business and living under the same roof.
  • Heidhausen : green, green, and more green. Imagine sweeping fields and forests surrounding this little neighborhood called Heidhausen; one of Essen’s most prestigious neighborhoods. Nestled along the Baldeneysee in the north, and the smalltown Velbert in the south, this neighborhood is popular by doctors, executive board members, and higher management. Restored Country homes, and sprawling mansions dominate the cityscape of this neighborhood and are evident for the elevated standards and clientele.
  • Stadtwald : this districts name can be loosely translated as city forest, and it sure will not disappoint. This area is located between the trendy neighborhood Rüttenscheid and the dignified mansion district of Bredeney. The glare of central living with lots of parks and greenery is what makes the city so special forest. That and its great connection to motorway A52.
  • Fulerum : You will find a lot of new constructions in Fulerum. It is located southwest of the city center and caters to Essen’s middle-class. Besides moderate prices, it offers everything families desire; a hub with good infrastructure, day cars, schools, registered associations, and doctors, as well as a good connection to bordering districts and cities.

Warm, divided, beautiful, …

Moving to eating you sure have to pick sides and make up your mind on Which Side of the highway you want and can afford to live. Once settled you will soon see what a beautiful and warm city Essen is, with lots of places to go to and see, and Thousands of friendly faces all around you.