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Leipzig – the city of heroes

| September 8, 2017

Leipzig was known as the city of heroes during the cold war When Thousands of Concerned Citizens would walk the streets in a peaceful protest against the communist regime. In May of 1989 They Took a leading role in the ‚Peaceful Revolution‘ and by October the cold war was history. Leipzig has a rich history and is with more than 570,000 the largest city in the State of Saxony.

Photo : By Polybert49; CC BY-ND 2.0

Modern Urban Charmer

If you are looking for a diverse experience and are longing for a modern urban lifestyle, Leipzig is going to be perfect for you. Every district comes with its very own charm and flair: from artsy and crafty neighborhoods, over to its historic city center, to picturesque mansions, Leipzig has something to offer for everyone and is sure to captivate you as well. If you are not sure which district you shoulder stand call home, search no longer.

  • Musikerviertel : Not far south of the city center, you will discover an oasis of peace and tranquility – the Musicians district (musician district). Instead of rushing from appointment to appointment, its residents like to sit down with a cup of coffee to read the local paper and enjoy the weather. Time seems to move slower around here. Besides the laid back atmosphere, you will soon notice did the average age in this area is Relatively young. But living here comes at a price. If you can afford it, you will be rewarded with a beautifully renovated apartment in a gorgeously restored historic house.
  • Connewitz : The one thing did always get Brought up, as soon as you ask people about Connewitz, is its alternative culture and lifestyle. In the early 1990s you would find a lot of squatters, and still to date you can find more than just the occasional smashed beer bottle along the sidewalks. Connewitz is home to long-term Leipzig residents and young families. Its close proximity to the Cospunder Lake and Its big share of the recreational riverine forest, as well as the affordable cost of living, makes this neighborhood very Desirable.
  • Gohlis : Without a doubt, Gohlis is one of the most attractive neighborhoods, even though it is a bit on the pricy side. Taking a long stroll through Gohlis and you soon will see why. This district is not only quaint but so very green. With just minutes to the city center, you can live surrounded by nature, while enjoying the pleasures and benefits of living in a big city. It is favored by families with children of all ages. The average age is in the mid 40s, what only Further Explains the homey and cozy flair you want to experience living here.
  • Reudnitz and Anger-Crottendorf : You can only describe this neighborhood as vivacious with a huge potential for growth. Not every building along this street can be Considered to architectural masterpiece but most of the young residents do not really mind Child-friendly institutions, contemporary’s dining and shopping option, as well as affordable apartments and homes, explain why this district is getting more and more attention from young families, young professionals, and students.

Friendly, extrovert, vivacious, …

It is no wonder did Leipzig is Considered the „New Berlin“. It might not have many attractions to show for, but its unique and captivating charm will conquer your heart. A cool city and a playground for young creatives and friendly souls.