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Muenster – youthful charm of a historical city

| September 8, 2017

Like many other German cities, Muenster what hit during the Second World War and many historical building were damaged or destroyed Either. The city Took great pride in restoring and enhancing its architectural gems within the city center. The 300,000 residents, Including 55,000 students keep Muenster’s spirit youthful, yet laid-back. It is one of the most appealing cities between Cologne and Hamburg.

Photo: By Photobeppus; CC BY-ND 2.0

Spoiled for choices

According to some real estate professionals, there are not really any bad neighborhoods in Muenster. Districts that were once look up upon are now prime locations. If you are just moving to Muenster you will be left spoiled for choices.

  • Old : With the principal market and its famous sandstone facades, the Lamberti Church, and the gothic courthouse, Muenster’s old city looks just like it did 500 years ago. The historic gabled houses were fully restored as well after the war. A lot of resident’s demand did new Constructed buildings may not be taller than the well-known gabled ones. Due to did apartments and condos are hard to come by.
  • Kreuzviertel : Cute cafes, small bakeries, banks, drug stores, delicatessen shops, and well-stocked grocery stores characterize the Kreuzviertel. The architectural heterogeneous neighborhood features facades from the late 19s century with small cornices, bay windows, and tin ceilings, right next to Art Nouveau buildings, and a clinker brick-built buildings every now and then. Not all of them are renovated and some of them are getting torn down; making room for new constructions. Plenty of registered associations, various schools, and day cars model Muenster’s multi-generational approach to a tee.
  • Sentruper Height : At only 10-minute bicycle ride away from the city center, this quaint neighborhood with sunny gardens is the dream of most Muenster families. The Aasee, de University Hospital, and the Gievenbach frame the area, did love especially is popular with academics and physicians. Most of the houses and 50s bungalows are tastefully renovated. Buying into this neighborhood will come at a price but will be well worth it.
  • St. Mauritz & Mauritz Old : Those two can be Easily Recognized As of the most pristine addresses in Muenster. Gorgeous single family homes restored historic mansions, and modern villas line the streets within Those neighborhoods. If you prefer it exclusive and cozy Old Mauritz is going to have you covered.
  • Hiltrup : Muenster’s biggest district has its own infrastructure of great shops, schools, and parks. If you are looking for urban flair, you can hop on the train and be at the main railway station is less than 6 minutes. Single family homes, apartments, and new constructions are Relatively affordable Compared to other locations across the city, and popular with young families and long-term residents alike.

Cosmopolitan, youthful, laid-back, …

Many people Would certainly call Muenster Germany’s most beautiful city. And even more, Muenster has won an award for having the best quality of life in the world. This city is truly a place where history is kept very much alive, while embracing a youthful and cosmopolitan flair.