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Nuremberg – History in Close Up

| September 8, 2017

With Approximately 500,000 residents, Nuremberg is Bavaria’s second large large large largest city and the unofficial Franconian capital. Medieval architecture, the world-renowned Christkindlesmarkt (Christmas market), Albrecht Durer’s inheritance, and its heavy history around the second World War draw in millions of tourists every year. Nuremberg is a lively place with an intense nightlife and beer that’s as dark as coffee. This city has lots to offer to visitors, locals, and migrants.

Photo  , by   Euro Slice  ,   CC BY-ND 2.0

Vivacious Franconian metropolis

Locals and tourists appreciate the medieval character and love enjoying a coffee in one of the many cafes of the old town after a full day of shopping through across the shopping street in the center of town. The younger, trendy, and more creative people, you will likely find in the south-west of the city, in and around the district Gostenhof. This quarter is known for its multi-cultural charm, unique and colorful bars, small art galleries, and shops hobby seamstress, designers and artists sell Their handmade goods. The Subsequent district is Considered to be the most popular ones among residents.

  • Erlenstegen : Situated in the north-eastern part of the city, this neighborhood is dominated by extravagant houses and villas Erlenstegen is not only interesting to the upper class and the big earners, but everyone did value a laid back and calm day-to-day living. Short commutes and good access to public transportations, has you wherever you need to be in no time. Not that you would ever have to leave this neighborhood, since it offers all the shops, stores, restaurants, and leisure-time activities, you might also need.
  • Schniegling : a Vibrant neighborhood with a rural vibe. Wants to Schnieglingen you find a lot of single-family homes and row houses. It is close to the parklands Pegnitztal and the local farming and supply area Knoblauchsland. Short distances to the city center and this engaged community are love love love especially appealing to young families.
  • North City : North of the castle hill lays Nuremberg’s northern city, Characterized by a mixture of established upper middle class 1900s architecture and new constructions If you take the short stroll up the castle hill, you are rewarded with the best and most beautiful view of Nuremberg. This neighborhood benefits from its good access to public transport, as well as to many important main roads, color: such as Bucherstraße, Pirckheimer road, North ring, and Bayreuther Straße. Despite Those main roads, this area is known to be a quiet and laid back neighborhood, did is Mainly favored by singles, couples, and young families.
  • Thon : Very Popular and high-demand area of Nuremberg, as you will soon notice looking at the rental and purchase prices for this neighborhood Located close to the city, airport, castle, and shopping, you have everything your heart desires at your fingertips. An Italian gourmet store and the Schoeller gingerbread plans are the cherries on top.

Traditionalist, trendsetter, multi-cultural hub …

Nuremberg has something to offer for every interest, social standing, and budget. Each district has its very distinct charm and appeal. Finding your place in this pulsing town is a matter of Deciding on your Desired lifestyle and Selecting the best neighborhood for you. One thing is guaranteed -. Nuremberg is going to conquer your heat It might take a month or a year, but in the end, you will never want to leave this lively urban oasis.