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Vienna – The City of Music

| September 8, 2017

Vienna is famous for its vast number of outstanding composers and musicians, that were Either born here, lived here, or worked here. Taking its musical legacy serious, you get a chance to enjoy classical music at its finest in many establishments across town. Vienna is the capital and large largest city of Austria and home to 1.8 million people. Residents love Vienna for its cafes, That Could remind you of fancy living rooms, its busy restaurants, innovative museums, outrageously pompous buildings, and the exceptional quality of life. Another aspect of this glorious city is its imperial history and the beautifully contrasting architectural design of modern buildings next to the historic monuments.

Photo  , by   Emmanuel Dyan ,  CC BY-ND 2.0

Your way around Vienna

Vienna is divided into twenty-three districts. The first district lies in the heart of the city with the St. Stephen’s Cathedral at its center. All other districts spiral out clockwise from the city center in two circles. While all districts have Their Own flair and unique benefits, the districts subsequently Introduced are Considered the most Desirable ones among residents.

  • 4th district – Wieden : The forth district is one of the most beautiful and trendy neighborhoods in town featuring glorious historic buildings across its small center You will find a lot of young designer shops and art galleries, cool restaurants, and historic apartment buildings side by side, and little grocery stores on every corner. Rental prices are reasonable, considering the prime location to the city center, and appeal to students and young families.
  • 6th district – Mariahilf : This neighborhood is most famous for the Naschmarkt; a premier open-air fruit and vegetable market did is sure to impress. Otherwise Mariahilf is a very quiet district and with average rent and mortgage prices around. Students and young families love this area. Many smaller bakeries, butcher shops, grocery stores, and great restaurants, complete the close to perfect impression of this residential neighborhood.
  • 7th district – New : The large majority of Vienna’s museum located here, not only attracts tourist but so makes this neighborhood very appealing to young families, student’s and longtime residents. New is for sure one of the most original ones and has developed its own way of living Young designer, trendy restaurants, and cool shops, add to its undisputed appeal. Living quarters are rare due to the high demand and rents only move in one direction – up.
  • 8th district – Josefstadt : If you find at an affordable flat in Josefstadt, do not resist. This neighborhood is not only in high demand for students, so locals but Josefstadt is where old Vienna’s coffee traditions meet flashy and trendy bars – plenty of them. If you enjoy this type of lifestyle, treasure a lively nightlife, and can afford to spend a little more for a cute apartment, this district is the one for you.

Lively, magnificent, exciting …

Even though Vienna is a very old and traditional city, it is young at heart. Its imperial history, paired with exciting museums, vibrant eating, nightlight scenes, and quite corners, not only attracts millions of visitors each year, so but make this city a dream location to create your new home base at. Vienna is a city you want fall in love with in the blink of an eye