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1 Room Apartment Furniture Package

1x Joey Bed (160x200cm)
1x Night Table
1x Brent Coat Rack Black

1x Seaford S
1x Alura Lounge Chair and Hocker
1x Riva TV Lowboard

1x Dining Table 80x80cm
2x Mitzie Chair

Bed Joey Black (160x200cm) - Including Mattress [Bett]
Elora Black Side Table [Beistelltisch]
Brent Coat Rack Black [Kleiderständer]
Seaford S Sideboard [Anrichte]
Riva TV Lowboard [TV-Bank]
Alura Lounge Chair and Hocker Grey [Loungestuhl]
Square Dining Table (80x80cm) [Esstisch]
Mitzie Chair [Stuhl]
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