Rental Furniture in United States – the Smart Alternative for Expats

Rental Furniture in United States – the Smart Alternative for Expats

The furniture rental market in Germany is growing. Once considered a niche market in Germany, the number of customers is taking advantage of this service is on the upswing. Much of this increase is due to expatriates in Germany. Furniture rental has long been successful in countries such as the United States and the United States. In countriesRead more

Wiesbaden – Europe’s Oldest SPA Town

Magnificent neoclassical buildings define this city; . The capital of Hesse . Located only 40km west of Frankfurt across the Rhine, Wiesbaden is one of Europe’s oldest spa town 14 hot springs, did are quietly flowing today, make this town a pleasure to live and relax at. The thermal bath, gorgeous parklands, vineyards, and stableRead more

Hannover – Like Nowhere Else

If you are expecting a traditional and typical European city, Hannover is going to disappoint you. Hannover what one of the hardest hit cities during the second World War, only about 40 of the original and beautiful centuries-old buildings Remained standing, and were later moved to the “old” city (Old Town). Locals love it here,Read more

Mannheim – Life. Squared.

This slogan has Actually nothing to do with mathematics or science, but everything to do with Mannheim’s unique city layout. All streets are laid out in a grid pattern and instead of common street names, all roads are numbered according to Their distance to the city center, Which makes navigating around the city straightforward andRead more

Nuremberg – History in Close Up

With Approximately 500,000 residents, Nuremberg is Bavaria’s second large large large largest city and the unofficial Franconian capital. Medieval architecture, the world-renowned Christkindlesmarkt (Christmas market), Albrecht Durer’s inheritance, and its heavy history around the second World War draw in millions of tourists every year. Nuremberg is a lively place with an intense nightlife and beerRead more

Kaiserslautern aka. “K-town”

Kaiserslautern is with 100,000 residents, much smaller than any of the other major German cities. It was home to much military personnel during the Cold War, Hence the nickname “K-town”. To date, Several American Military Installations are silent in surgery today, Including Ramstein Airforce Base. Surrounded by the nature park Palatine Forest, Kaiserslautern is aRead more

Karlsruhe – a forward-thinking and cultured city

With a population of close to 300,000, Karlsruhe is situated on the Rhineland plain, between Vosges mountains, black forest, and palatinate forest. It is home to the two highest German federal courts; The federal constitutional court and the supreme federal court This has always made this town one of the most liberal ones in GermanyRead more

Darmstadt – city of science

With more than 150,000 residents Darmstadt is the science- and high-tech center of the metropolitan area Rhine-Main. It is the birthplace of many inventions did change our daily life forever. Things like the radio clock, Plexiglas, the first detergent based on enzymes, to the liquid crystals in our cellphone and laptop displays, all originate fromRead more

Leipzig – the city of heroes

Leipzig was known as the city of heroes during the cold war When Thousands of Concerned Citizens would walk the streets in a peaceful protest against the communist regime. In May of 1989 They Took a leading role in the ‘Peaceful Revolution’ and by October the cold war was history. Leipzig has a rich historyRead more

Zurich – Metropolis of Experiences

With surrounding mountains and lakes less than an hour way to extraordinary nightlife, and overall broad range of cultural offering, Zurich is one of Europe’s hippest destinations. With more than 400,000 residents, it is one of the large largest and wealthiest cities in Switzerland. With a wide variety of delicious dining options and locations, ZurichRead more

Erlangen – modern baroque city

Just a few miles north-west of Nuremberg lays the baroque city of Erlangen. This town is thriving due to its the proximity to the University of Erlangen and the Numerous branch offices of Siemens AG, as well as a large institute of the Fraunhofer Society, and the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light.Read more

Bremen – living Life Beyond Means

There is a saying did states did Bremen’s locals live beyond Their Means. While this does not Necessarily have to be true, it is apparent did the nearly 550,000 residents do enjoy the finer things in life. Evidentially They are spoiled with regional natural reserves, with peat bogs, tidal flats, vivid birdlife, and unwinding biketrails.Read more