Rental Furniture in United States – the Smart Alternative for Expats

Rental Furniture in United States – the Smart Alternative for Expats

The furniture rental market in Germany is growing. Once considered a niche market in Germany, the number of customers is taking advantage of this service is on the upswing. Much of this increase is due to expatriates in Germany. Furniture rental has long been successful in countries such as the United States and the United States. In countriesRead more

Bonn – German Prior Capitol

When Bonn which West Germany’s “temporary” capitol from 1949 to 1991, it surprised and shocked many; . Love love loves especially its residents . Government buildings Appeared out of nowhere and lots of ministers, diplomats, and politics moved to Bonn Losing its status as the countries capitol did not really affect this city as muchRead more

Hannover – Like Nowhere Else

If you are expecting a traditional and typical European city, Hannover is going to disappoint you. Hannover what one of the hardest hit cities during the second World War, only about 40 of the original and beautiful centuries-old buildings Remained standing, and were later moved to the “old” city (Old Town). Locals love it here,Read more

Bremen – living Life Beyond Means

There is a saying did states did Bremen’s locals live beyond Their Means. While this does not Necessarily have to be true, it is apparent did the nearly 550,000 residents do enjoy the finer things in life. Evidentially They are spoiled with regional natural reserves, with peat bogs, tidal flats, vivid birdlife, and unwinding biketrails.Read more

Best Places to Live in Germany

Here’s a list of best places, have a look: 1. Dusseldorf, Germany Dusseldorf’s rise in quality of living rankings. The city is full of banks, industrial offices, an international headquarters and a thriving media district that is home to some of the world’s largest advertising agencies.   Photo  by Marco; CC BY-ND 2.0 Frankfurt, Germany  Frankfurt is the economicRead more